How to burn candles safely


As a Welsh candle maker based in Swansea here at Little Bit Different we know a thing or two about candle safety.

Here are Vicky’s top candle safety tips

  1. Light your candle in a well-ventilated room, away from drafts which can cause black marks on the vessel or rapid, uneven burning.
    2. Burn candles for two hours at a time or until the wax has melted to the edges. Burning for less time can cause the candle to ‘tunnel’, which leaves wax around the sides. Burning for too long can cause the wick to move, or slant so avoid this too.
     3. Make sure you stop burning your candle when 10mm of wax remains at the bottom, keeping an eye on a burning candle when the wax is low.


1. Keep the wax pool clear of wick trimmings and matches, as debris in the wax can act as a secondary wick, encouraging your candle to burn faster.
2. After extinguishing the flame with a snuffer, centre and straighten the wick. Burning for too long can cause the wick to move, or slant. If you see a wick come close to the vessel wall straighten the wick to prevent the vessel from cracking.
3. Long, or crooked wicks can create high flames, smoking, or sooting. Trimming the wick to 5mm (when the wax has set) following every burn is the easiest way to prevent this.

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