What makes a Little Bit Different candle?

We do things a little bit differently here. Our female founder Vicky has done things differently since the very first candle she made for her wedding in 2019. We only ever use 100% per soy wax. Soy wax is a vegetable wax made from the oil of soybeans.  Soy wax candles do not increase the CO2 level in the atmosphere like paraffin wax candles.

 Small batch candles

Our candles have been made in small batches on the outskirts of Gower since 2010. Small batches mean high quality and attention to detail. The ingredients we use, the way we melt and pour the wax, the packaging we use all go towards to create a candle that is not just a little bit different but smells fabulous too.

Why soy wax?

Soy wax candles burn for 50% longer than many other candles.  Our soy wax candles also burn more evenly leaving hardly any excess wax on the sides of the container.

Soy wax candles burn cleaner than regular paraffin candles as they don’t produce black soot.  This results is a more natural fragrance and no black soot marks on walls and furnishings.

Because of the lower melting point of soy wax there is a larger amount of liquid wax around the wick when lit.  It is from this liquid wax that the fragrance oils evaporate creating a beautifully fragrant room.

Authentic fragrance oils

All the oils we use are created in the UK and are chosen for their true to description fragrances. No undertone of chemical fragrance in our candles.

Vegan Welsh candles

And if all of that wasn’t reason enough to use soy wax candles they are also vegan friendly.  Many candles are not vegan friendly and with more of us becoming vegan, plant based or just more aware and wanting to make kinder choices there is no need to compromise.  You can continue to burn fragrance candles that smell fabulous but also happen to be vegan, plant based and ecologically friendly.

Please visit our white label candle website at https://www.littlebitwhitelabel.co.uk



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