Little Bit Different celebrates it’s tenth birthday

Little Bit Different is celebrating its 10th Birthday this month so we thought it was about time we shared a bit of our story.

While planning our wedding in 2009 we knew we wanted something different. It became a bit of a joke between us. We couldn’t buy ‘different’ so we decided to have a go at making our vision a reality ourselves. As much as possible was made at home including 50 candles in vintage shot and martini glasses. The first batch of Fresh Cut Roses scented candles were a success and twinkled the night away at our wedding reception but we didn’t think any more of it. Until October 2010, while Vicky was on maternity leave.  

‘Little Bit Different’ was born from a little business called Happy Plants that used Vicky’s love of growing plants.  It started with candles in vintage china teacups as Vicky was already growing bulbs in vintage china. Soon the candles were more popular at local markets than the plants. In 2015 Vicky was able to give up her day job as a civil servant to create candles full time. With a passion for candles that not only look beautiful but smell amazing we only use top quality eco and vegan friendly soy wax and natural smelling UK made vegan friendly oils. We are passionate about collaborating with other small businesses so teamed up with a local illustrator who began creating gorgeous labels for us in 2018.

Little Bit Different is now a real family affair with Vicky running the show and creating each candle and Chris, her husband overseeing the website and IT and now turning label design ideas into reality. Vicky’s Mum has stepped into the role of chief label applier. Even the tiniest of tiny dogs is called upon for social media mascot duties! (she is paid in treats and cosy jumpers). The children are often roped in too during school holidays.

This year has been a difficult one for  everyone, but, we are proud that through hard work and a huge amount of stubbornness we have kept going and have even increased our stockiest numbers, something we didn’t think possible when days after getting our biggest contract to date with the National Trust the country went into lockdown and every stockist closed.  We are now proud to have 60 stockists all over Wales, including one National Trust property so far and St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life.  We will never stop getting excited when we spot one of our candles on our travels (when we are allowed) around Wales.

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