About Me

Hi, I am Vicky and I am a vintage chinaholic.

When I was planning my wedding I kept telling Chris, my now husband, that I really wanted something a little bit different. I had an idea in my head and just couldn’t find it anywhere. I decided that if I couldn’t buy what was in my head I would give making my vision a reality myself a go. I started sourcing vintage gold glasses, shot glasses, martini glasses etc and read up a bit about how to make candles. My first batch of Fresh Cut Rose scented candles in gorgeous glasses were a success and they twinkled the night away at our wedding reception.

Seven and a half years ago when my youngest child was born I decided that I wanted to try my hand at making more candles while I was on maternity leave. From our vintage home on the outskirts of Gower I began making candles in the vintage china and glass that I love, people wanted to buy them and I suddenly had an excuse to keep acquiring more china without a telling off from my husband! Now I just had to come up with a name for my blossoming business……I debated for a very long time and then realised that the name was obvious, the reason it all started in the first place, my need for something a “Little Bit Different”
Years later I am still busy making things that make me happy and relishing watching my children grow. I have given up my day job and my candles can now be found in shops all over the country and I still get to buy huge amounts of china!!
I hope you love what I do too.



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