15 mixed Christmas wax melts.

Christmas wax melts. Winter melts. Our choice of 15 melts from our range of Christmas Eve, Noswyl Nadolig, Winter Berry, Aeron Gaeaf, Festive Chestnuts, Castanau Llawen, Clementine Spice, Spiced Apple Strudel, Under the Mistletoe, Dan yr Uchelwydd, Snow Day, Dwirnod Eira, Clementin Sbeis, Strudel Afal, Candy Cane, Cansen Swgwr wax melts. Vegan eco friendly soy wax melts. scented soy wax melts for oil burners. Made in Wales

Select from English or Welsh labels.

Carefully selected natural smelling scents have been combined with soy wax to create fantastic smelling wax melts. each melts can be unwrapped, cut up and used approximately four to five times.

Simply place on top of an oil burner for a beautifully smelling home.



Look what my customers have had to say…

“The cloudy lemonade was fab, my favourite of the two fragrances I think. Lasted well, again not too strong, just enough. Used the electric burner again.”

“Verdict on the melts: They’re magnificent, just as good if not even better than Yankee, the throw is amazing could smell it upstairs but it wasn’t overpowering being in the same room either, lasted hours too x”


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Candle Care

The first time you light your candle make sure you allow it to burn for long enough to let the wax melt right to the edge of the candle.

Trim the wick if there is a black build up and remove any debris from the wax before lighting. For best results allow your candles to burn for 2-4 hours at a time (not unattended) For an even burn ensure your candle is not in a draft.

Keep your candle away from direct sunlight or heat sources as 100% soy wax melts at a much lower temperature than paraffin wax. When completely cold and not in use replace the lid to avoid any dust and debris sticking to the wax. Relax and enjoy your 100% vegan and eco friendly soy wax candle.

Striving to be Green

Soy wax is sustainable and vegan friendly.
All of our oils are created in the UK and have never been tested on animals.
Our cardboard packaging is FSC certified
All labels designed since the end of 2021 are now paper and we are working with our label manufacturers on paper alternatives for the rest.  Our packaging will not damage our planet. We use recycled materials and all of our packaging can be further recycled or re-used. 
What about our candle containers?
The tins we use are recyclable.
All our amber glass jars and clear glasses are recycled.
Our wax melts come smartly packaged in cardboard packaging too.

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A bit about us...

Little Bit Different was born in 2010 out of Vicky’s need for something different when it came to candles.

She was inspired by fond memories of her childhood in Wales and particularly competing in Eisteddfods.

Her soy wax, vegan friendly candles, melts and diffusers are still made in small batches in her candle kitchen on the outskirts of Gower.


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