Cucumber and wasabi scented man candle. Vegan candle. Candles for men. Soy wax candle. Scented for men. Handmade in Wales, UK


Cucumber and wasabi scented candle for a more manly aroma.

We all have at least one man in our lives that we never know what to give as gift. Get him a mandle. His home will smell wonderful.

Or even better, men buy your home one, it will do exactly what it says on the tin and "will make your home smell irresistible".

The cucumber and wasabi fragrance is blended perfectly with eco friendly organic soy wax.

Top notes of grapefruit and lime,
middle notes of cucumber, guava and passion fruit, and base notes
of wasabi (Japanese horseradish), cilantro (coriander) and fern.

The burn time for this 0.3l candle is approximately 40 - 45 hours

As soy wax melts at a low temperature it does not damage the glass so it can be used again after washing with soapy water. Other benefits of soy wax are that it is eco friendly and vegan. It also produces a much cleaner flame than paraffin wax so the true scent of the fragrance can be enjoyed.

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